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Here's a collection of non-art things that I made

i guess we're still fighting this out half a century later

  • A zine about Campos Arias, Wyatt Pothos and playing each other after 16 seasons
  • Blaseball fanzine (complete)

Static Charges (Wyatt Mason VI) - Contribution to Static: A Wyatt Mason Zine

  • Vi Mason runs into Lyra Vitamin in the static
  • Blaseball fanfic (complete, 1,166 words)

Untitled (Waiting for Lancey) - Contribution to WIP Amnesty

  • Four scenes from an unwritten fic about the time Mikan spent waiting for Lancey.
  • Blaseball fanfic (complete, 1,103 words)

I also contributed the Flowers page of Tales from the Short Circuits

  • Blaseball fanzine (complete)

Messages Found Sharpie'd on an Interdimensional Watermelon

  • Collins Melon is a multiversal constant. A recently alternated Elijah Valenzuela uses Melon to send a message to his boyfriend back home. The other Jazz Hands want in on the fun.
  • Blaseball fanfic (complete, 966 words)

How To Obtain Freedom And Immortality By Subverting The Rules Of Splort (A Study By K. Mathews)

  • Season 22, day 53: Breckenridge Jazz Hands hitter Kathy Mathews pockets the fifth base and super roams to the Flowers, the Garages and finally the Garages' shadows. What if it was all an (extremely scientific) master plan?
  • Blaseball fanfic (complete, 860 words)

Butterflies and Hurricanes

  • The badgers never attacked ThunderClan. Leafpool and Crowfeather left the Clans for good. Eight seasons later, their kits return to ThunderClan. Struggling with her new Clanmates' prejudices and expectations, Holly nevertheless finds a home by the lake - but it's a home that's under threat. The battle with the Dark Forest is looming, and as Holly, her brothers and her newfound friend Ivypaw become further involved, they realise that the route to saving the Clans may not be what anyone expects.
  • Warriors fanfic (incomplete, 57,015 words)

Migrating Birds

  • Sequel to Any Other Way, in which Jayfeather grows up outside the Clans with his siblings, goes fox-hunting and makes a discovery.
  • Warriors fanfic (complete, 3,304 words)

At the End of the World

  • Hollyleaf/Ivypool - Holly and Ivy steal a moment together in the final days before the Dark Forest attack
  • Warriors fanfic (complete, 1,570 words)

Any Other Way

  • Leafpool and Crowfeather left the Clans for good. Here's what happened next.
  • Warriors fanfic (complete, 3,763 words)


  • A conversation between Midnight and Rock, long after the Clans as we know them
  • Warriors fanfic (complete, 799 words)


  • Set before and around the epilogue of The Raven King: Gansey realises there's still something he has to do before leaving Henrietta.
  • Raven Cycle fanfic (complete, 900 words)


Shh, don't let the top of the page know we're here! This is where I'll archive pieces of writing that I don't want to post on AO3, but deserve to be fished out of discord message logs nonetheless (at the moment, blaseball lore thoughts)

The Garden and the Vault

i've talked about this before but to me once teams start getting vaulted in s24, the vault has the vibe of a living museum - a place you go to experience what it was "like" to be somewhere, but it's very obvious that everything's a replica and the place hasn't actually been lived in. like the garden's there (and depending on who you ask, a decent chunk of boston) but none of the plants are actually growing, and the piles of freshly dug earth have dust slowly gathering on them

Campos' shadows lore

although it was bittersweet to be leaving after so long, i think campos wanted to quit for a while. batting was just not as fun as pitching, and she was impatient to get back to singing. plus, trying to squeeze in rehearsals and gigs around daily games meant she had even less free time post-reverb than before. when she got heard she was being shadowed, she cancelled her plans and took a couple days off to celebrate. after the third day she cracked, called her manager and arranged a world concert tour, setting off just before the start of season 19.

on tour, campos' schedule is as hectic as ever. she shows up at the pocket to put in her minimum stagehand hours and say hi to everyone (nobody ever knows when to expect her - if kath does, they're sworn to secrecy). campos visit days are always an event and usually end with a team game/pizza night.

campos and kath video call, like, a ton. it's definitely an adjustment going from living together and playing together every day, but they make it work (when you got yanked from an alternate universe together, a different country doesn't seem that far away). kath optimises campos's travel times and sends her excited graphs of her audience numbers going up. campos buys kath geometrically interesting souvenirs and travels to see them when she has time between gigs.

honestly, that season of leverage where sophie's off travelling and everyone's calling her in random glamorous locations? that's campos now. pothos calls to complain about batting. walton calls to chat about each others' days and update her on his bird sanctuary. lowe leaves completely blank voicemails at weird hours of the morning (campos thought they just didn't understand time zones, but the calls are too consistently at 2-5 am wherever she is).

(campos does not have a leaving party. i don't know what she has against partying, but the sim has spoken and i must obey. she finds another way to say goodbye that's more her speed.)

Edric's instrument ceremony

"So, uh, do I just start picking up instruments?"

"I guess? Agan used to take care of instrument selection, so none of us remember how we chose ours."

"The bolter will let you know if you do anything wrong. Won't you, bolter?"


"See, it likes you already!"


"Sounding good! Is there anything else you wanna try?"

"Here, take this one - I think it's an oboe."

"Wow, it's dusty. There's a label on it, too - who's L Kane?"

"Hell if I know. All the instruments here are second hand. Go on, give it a blow!"


"Uh, bolter?"

"I'm guessing that's not a good sign."

"You guessed right. Bolter, is there a problem with that oboe?"

Doot doot. Doot-doot-doot-

"Okay, we hear you. That one's taken. Edric, why don't you try - is this an erhu?"


"I'd say that was a success."

"Yeah, I don't know what you guys did before, but the jam session was fun."

"None of us know what we did before. The bolter didn't seem to mind, though, so we can't've done too bad."

"Hey, about the bolter... What was up with that instrument it didn't want me to take?"

"The oboe? I dunno - it was nothing special, looked like some high schooler abandoned it. Anyone remember the bolter acting like that before?"

"I mean... The only times I went to the instrument storage I was with Agan."

"Me too."

"Yep. Agan."

"Well, I guess it's a mystery, then. Remind me to google L Kane later. And speaking of reminding - has anyone told Edric about the instrument fee?"


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