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This is the personal website of me, Saph, a person on the internet. I'm going to mostly use this site to practice coding and relive my nostalgia for hand-coded html forum posts. Expect a lot of rambling and half-finished coding ideas (I mean. I literally started this site back in April then forgot about it, and now I'm back to... remake the site from scratch I guess.) Welcome along for the ride!

My current interests are audio fiction, blaseball, sci-fi media of all types, brass bands (I play cornet!) and visual art. I've been OnlineTM for the last decade and spent most of that drifting in or out of the Warrior Cats fandom (all I'm saying is that Crowfeather deserved better, alright). I'm also a fan of deep dive video essays, internet weirdness and tiny websites with extremely specific purposes. In my real life, I'm a student studying data science.

Captain's Log


I made a website! Added the intro and log sections and started the media section :)


Added a lovely obnoxious cursor!


I remember this site exists and start planning a new layout


Continuing work on the layout and started adding back in content - ignore the weird broken pages :'(


Spent a lot of time on the media page, and I'm pretty happy with how it looks! All the ghost pages from the old version of the website are gone. Also had a lot of fun making the pixel art w359 logo. Still need to figure out what to do with the second half of the homepage since I moved what was there to the media page. My next goal is to start uploading my art!


Changed the site title and took out wip. Also, found an extremely cool js tool to make the gallery! Found and added some cool gifs to fill in the blank space on the homepage. Goals are: find and add more gifs/blinkies (I have been bookmarking some sites), add to my media tab, add a link directory, add a tab for my writing


Started the links page, and began adding links from my bookmarks and decorating


Links page and writing page are finished! Might play with the decoration on the writing page some more. After that my main goal is to keep adding stuff to the media tab. Honestly, this came together way faster than I thought :)


Long gap between log updates! Haven't been writing here because I haven't done a lot of work on the layout - on the other hand I have been uploading my Blasetober art (which is what's taking most of my free time). I'm also storing up ideas (and gifs) to add more thing to the site once October's done.


Added an extremely silly surprise page. Hoping to add a random select element if I can wrangle together the Javascript


Woof, been a while between updates! More art has been sporadically added over the past few months. Working on a not-quite-a-blog so I can add some more contest to this site :)

Later that day... The misc page is live! It needs decoration (and more content) (and possibly to be punished for its crimes against iframes) but I'm pretty happy with what I have. The trick page has been neatened up a bit (try closing out of the main "window" on any of the pages). And - the piece de resistance - we have a chat! (Powered by Chattable.) I don't know if people actually talk in these things, I guess we'll find out together.


More art has been added! I'm really proud of these last few pieces, it feels like I've finally progressed beyond character drawing to creating a full image


Added a new entry to the misc section, and shuffled around some blinkies! Also converted the site menu to an iframe, I don't love that it takes a moment to load now but it was getting frustrating having to manually update all my pages every time I wanted to make a minor change >.<


Well, it's been a while. I'm posting this update to remind myself to remodel things around here. I have two main goals: refresh the layout for a change of pace and to make it more wieldy for how I want to use this site, and quarantine blinkies/anything with a flash risk to a few specific pages. I've been thinking about how to balance maintaining the old web aesthetic with, yknow, making my site safe to browse and I think this is the best compromise.


Overhauling is done - for now. I might shift the layout around some more, who knows. All animated elements should be purged except for shrines and the blinkies gallery, which are marked as such in the links. Oh yeah, we have (a) shrine and a blinkies gallery now. Check them out on the new, refurbished misc tab :3


Minor updates and springcleaning, including adding like 8 more images to my gallery \o/


Hahaha I lied, I've re-redone the layout. Everyone say hi to the mini alien guys!!